Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I never got around to posting about my vegan Thanksgiving, so now that it's American Thanksgiving it seemed like a good time.

It turned out so well, I would definitely do it again.

Andy on the right, Andy's brother Matt and his wife Rita on the left.

We had lentil-walnut loaf, veggie stuffing, sweet potatoes with pralines, garlic mashed potatoes, quinoa stuffed peppers, mushroom gravy, and for dessert, vegan apple pie and vegan chocolate cream pie! Also hot mulled cider.

The lentil loaf is from Oh She Glows. The only changes I made were to skip the raisins and I used red lentils instead of green because I had them on hand. Delicious.

The stuffing was pretty basic, but tasty. Day-old loaf of home made white bread, celery, scallions, pecans, garlic, and tons of fresh herbs, tossed with veggie stock and baked (We made a huge pot of veggie stock a few days earlier, and used it in almost everything).

Mashed sweet potatoes with Earth Balance (we used it to replace all the butter for the dinner and it worked great) and a little coconut milk, topped with pecans baked in a little brown sugar and maple syrup. This was a big hit.

(Not pictured) Mashed potatoes with Earth Balance, roasted garlic, and fleur de sel.

Quinoa stuffed peppers. Cook quinoa in veggie stock, add pureed mushrooms, tomato paste, onions, garlic, and spices. Stuff into hollowed out peppers (the red were the best), top with barbecue sauce and bake in a little olive oil until tender.

Mushroom Gravy. Cook some chopped mushrooms in veggie stock (or use mushroom stock), season as desired. Add a little coconut milk (or almond/soy milk), simmer for a few minutes. Thicken with flour or potato starch.

I won't give you the recipe for my vegan pie crust, because it was awful. It was the most crumbly, hard to work with crust ever. I'll have to keep working on that. The filling was amazing however. For my apple pie I like to precook my apples with Earth Balance, a vanilla bean, organic cane sugar (processed white sugar is NOT vegan, as they use animal bones in the bleaching process, yuck), cinnamon, mace, cloves, and allspice. Cook it low and slow, until it starts to caramelize a little. Oh man... Then just fill your shell and bake as usual, it might take a little less time. The best part is, your apples are already cooked down, so you won't get a shrunken pie.

For the chocolate cream, first, watch this video on how to make whip cream from coconut milk. Brush the bottom of your shell with melted chocolate. Melt 400 grams (14 oz) of good quality dark chocolate (I like Callebaut) over a double boiler and gently stir in 200 ml coconut milk. This makes vegan ganache that tastes exactly like regular ganache! Let this cool. Whip another 200 ml coconut milk, following the instructions in the video, then very gently fold it in to the cooled ganache. Pour this into your shell and let set in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. Top with more coconut whip cream. This is SO GOOD. You'd never guess it was vegan. (Sorry I didn't get pictures.)

I do recommend using the Thai Kitchen brand coconut milk if you can. I used a can of the Thai and it whipped perfectly, and I used a can of Chaokoh and it didn't work at all, though this may have been a fluke.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This looks delicious! It really is the true spirit of Thanksgiving to celebrate with loved ones over a cruelty-free meal. I'm off to check out that recipe for lentil loaf! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome! Enjoy the lentil loaf.